Your Box League
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A complex problem made simple

Organising and running a box league can be time consuming. It's easy with our system.

Create and manage a league for an individual or team sport.
Intuitive control panel with drag & drop when constructing a season.
Easily structure lineal divisions with start and end dates.
Rapidly enter the players or teams participating in the league.
Send invitations to submit results on behalf of those competing.
Points System
Create bespoke point systems for calculating division standings.
Stats & Rankings
Stats for those competing and rankings using the Elo Rating System.
Process Season
Automatic promotion and relegation when creating a new season.
Print off league tables, fixtures, results etc. for your club noticeboard.

This is what people are saying about Reckify

Box leagues play an important part in the squash and racketball scene at The Northumberland Club. It's a great way for members to get some internal competition, however, it can be difficult to administrate - this is where Reckify comes into its own.

Having used Reckify for several months, the job of renewing the leagues each month has become a much easier process. It is very intuitive and allows you to set the leagues as you wish. You have control over promotion, relegation, numbers in the league, how many points you get and can easily add and take away players when needed. It takes only a few minutes to renew the leagues and has saved me a great deal of time.

From a player point of view, my members have found the process really smooth. Becoming a member is easy and once you are in your information is protected with only those in your league seeing your contact details. Adding results is an easy process and players can monitor where they stand in the leagues by seeing results of other matches.

This site has been developed by a sport knowing team and know what a player and club would want from such a system. It would definitely be a welcome addition for any competitive league out there.

I was keen to try and stimulate the amount of club league games that were getting played. The standard box league system had been in operation for many years.

The Reckify system has been a great stimulant, far better than we could have expected.

As proof, our Nov/Dec 2021 league period (without Reckify) saw 94 league games completed, providing a revenue of £658. The Jan/Feb 2022 league period (with Reckify) saw an increase up to 154 games. That was an increase of 60 games and a revenue of £1075. That's a £417 court fee increase on league games alone. In addition 16 new players requested joining the leagues upon hearing about Reckify.

More games! more revenue!

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